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Deal Or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is the name of the popular game show which was created by the Dutch producer Endemol. The TV game is played with up to 26 cases (or boxes) which contain various amounts of money. The player must choose a case or box to take it off the game.

Deal or No Deal is play around the world sunce its success in Holland with versions in UK, USA, and India. Each country employ a twist on the standard format. You can read about Deal Or No Deal UK.

How to play Deal Or No Deal game

In some of the versions of Deal Or No Deal , there are around 20-26 prizes in most they contain cash, in some versions however contain prizes such as cars or false prizes. In the Austalian version their are 26 cases one of which has a car included as a prize.

The banker in the international versions of the game stops at various points, this is often at random after a predetermied time such as in the UK the banker comes into play after the first round is played.

The case which the player starts with varies with each version of the show, some allow for the contestent to choose for themselves others get it assigned to them.

In some versions of the game the Banker knows the locations of each of the cash amounts and prizes, this normally has an affect on the amount of money offered as part of the deal for the contestant.

The game also changes depending on the version at the end, some players who reject all the offers are given an opportunity to swap the case they hold for the last remaining one. In some versions side games are added, which can allow other contestents to guess the containers content and win some extra money.

Deal Or No Deal UK

Noel EdmundsThe UK version of Deal Or No Deal of the TV Game, has twenty two red boxes each with the number 1 – 21 displayed, the contents of the box are not known either by Noel Edmunds, the contestants or the banker.

At the beginning of the shows, there are 22 contestants each stand behind a box, one of these players are usually selected by random to start the game. As the programme is only on for around 50 minutes, it normally takes 15 to 25 shows before they are selected to play.

Once the game starts, they choose one of the remaining 21 boxes to open, the aim is to eliminate the small amounts in the game, hoping of course they have a huge amount in theirs. Each of the box contestants will provide advice and some banter to make the show interesting.

There are in total six rounds in Deal Or No Deal UK , five boxes can be opened in the first and then three in all the other rounds. After a number of boxes are opened the banker will offer an amount to buy the players box. The amount is normally reflective of what is still available, so if a few large amounts have been removed the amount offered by the banker is low. The player choose whether or not to deal or no deal.

If the contestant deals then the game is over, but for the interest of viewers, the game is continued to see whether the play may have got a better deal if they had continued. If the player say no deal then they keep their box and proceed to the next round.

£250,000 Box

After the 6 rounds, there should only be two boxes remaining, one in play and the one the contestant has. If the player chooses to continue the game, they must take the cash amount which is left in their own box. The banker will give a last attempt deal, to swap the players box with that still in play. The swap is always offered when the top prize of £250,000 is still available.

Sometimes if a player has taken a deal early in the Deal or No Deal Game, they will be offered a chance known as the ‘bankers gamble’ to give back the amount the banker offered and open their box and winning whatever remained. This has happened controversially with the second highest winner in Deal Or No Deal UK where Alice Munday who had been dealt £17,500 previously and then won £250,000 when the banker offered the gamble.